In this video, I will teach you how to use Adobe Flash CS3. You can use the free trial period of the full version.

Once you get on Adobe, you will see a screen like this, where you can find the “timeline” on the top and on the left you will see the different tools you will need for your designs.

Press F6 or F7 if you want to go to a new frame or if you want to start a complete new frame.

Shapes and motions

To be able to move an object somewhere else, just draw something and press the “select tool” on the tool bar on the left.

Highlight the image, right click on and it and select the “timelines effects”. Give your project a name.

Select any of the frames and then press F6 and move the shape to one of the sides.

Hit “tween” and click on “motions”.

The more frames you add on this area, the longer it will take.

The shape tween is a bit more complicated but not too much.

This time you don´t need to convert to symbols, just draw the image, chose a frame and press F7.

Click on “tween” and then “shape”.

What´s happening in the example is that the rectangle will transform in the circle.

That´s basically how it works, you can experience it yourself and find out more awesome tricks in this software.