Flight Simulator X is the 10th edition of a large range of well-known flight simulators which was originally launched in the US and from there to the rest of the world, specially designed for anyone that basically wants to learn how to fly.

It is compatible with Vista and Windows 7 systems. It was released to the public in three parts: The first one was known as “Standard” followed by “Deluxe” and the last one is “The Gold”. Out of the three editions the Deluxe is the one that brought more changes attached with an extra disc, three more plane models and the chance for players to act as “traffic control” for other online players.

This simulator counts with several different missions in which the main purpose is to prepare the pilot for any circumstance. You can go from routine missions to more challenging ones. Among the new features of Flight simulator X, we can mention a new Earth model to make polar flights easier, the inclusion of small 3D animals and stars, jetways at the airport for the aircrafts, baggage cars, push cars, and fuel cars.

Other features have been upgraded such as the GPS, ATC, and the maximum altitude which was increased to 100,000,000 ft.

Pilots can also choose from a wide variety of different planes and helicopters that go up to 18, with almost 40 cities that represent cities in real life, each of them with its corresponding airports and the possibility of choosing from about 24 aircrafts.

Besides the excellent graphics of the game which gives it a great sense of reality, the controls in the cabin are complete and you can use every single button in it. But be careful, you need to know what you are doing, otherwise your actions could cause turbulence.

With all its super cool features, this game falls into the category of “awesome” Try it out and find out more cool features about it.